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Hummus and More at Nanoosh

As a contributor to hyperlocal news site Nearsay, I’m invited to check out different events that are part of the site’s concierge program where they reward contributors.  When I saw an opportunity to dine at Nanoosh, a Mediterranean establishment in the East Village, I decided to take advantage of this offer.

I headed over alone for lunch last Friday, and despite having tons of tables, the counter  seating was perfect for a lone diner like me.  At Nanoosh, you can order at the register and take out, but if you wish to get a table, you need to get waiter service.

My waitress was great and when I asked for her favorites, she shared some of the popular offerings with me.  She said anything with chicken is really popular in the hummus platters and wraps section, and said the lentil soup was pretty good too.  I was craving a salad, and she suggested that I go with the Greek salad.  I couldn’t forgo hummus, so I got a side of hummus tahini as well.

My Greek salad was excellent and there was a perfect ratio of all the ingredients – feta, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and kalamata olives ($8.95).  Nanoosh went a little light on the onions which was great because it was the perfect amount to give flavor, without scaring anyone off who came in contact with my mouth for the rest of the afternoon.

Nanoosh puts their dressing on the side and I sampled an olive oil citrus dressing and their feta dressing.  The feta was my favorite of the two.  The olive oil dressing reminded me of my study abroad trip to Italy where at an oil tasting, I did a shot of oil and was told to inhale deep to taste all the flavors.  I didn’t even need to inhale deep to taste all the flavors of this oil.  If you love olive oil, this dressing is for you.

On the side was the hummus tahini, which was basically an outer circle of hummus with tahini in the middle. The tahini had some garlic to it.  I’m not one to order plain hummus, so I was glad I had the tahini so I could mix the too and cut the garlic flavor a little bit, while at the same time giving the hummus an additional flavor.  Two whole wheat pitas were served alongside.  To be 100% honest – I liked the hummus, but I would have preferred a flavored hummus.  This girl can eat a container of kalamata olive hummus from Trader Joe’s in one sitting, but I wasn’t rushing to finish this hummus.

I decided to skip dessert, but I thought that Nanoosh was a great place to eat lunch if you are in the area.  Service was quick too, so if you work nearby, you can get that “wow I sat down and took a full lunch” feeling without having to check your watch repeatedly.  Furthermore, everything is under $12 so you won’t feel like you broke the bank.  From what I could tell, the wraps other patrons were getting were big, so may make sense to do some “splitsies” if you go with a friend so you can try even more of the menu.

The Basics
Name: Nanoosh
Location: 111 University Place, between 12th and 13th (also in Murray Hill and UWS)
Who to Bring: Co-workers, Self
Price: $ Most entrees under $10
Overall: 3.5 stars. Solid lunch spot.

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