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Spunto Makes a Great Lunch Spot

Caryn and I don’t see each other nearly as often as we’d like, so when she was by my office the other day, she suggested we meet up for lunch.  Since we’re both bargain hunters, Spunto was the perfect spot for a sit-down lunch because of its affordable lunch menu.

Now Spunto is the cousin of Vezzo in Murray Hill, which we reviewed back in early 2009, when only my co-workers and my parents read this blog.  It serves thin crust pizza, and the West Village location was hopping around 1:30 pm yesterday afternoon.  The restaurant was pretty big, so we were able to snag the last table for two.  Note that also related to Vezzo and Spunto is Posto, in Gramercy.

We ate too fast to take pics, but this is what their pizza looks like. Our friend Doug is not included.

With Spunto’s lunch menu, everything is priced under $10, and it features pasta, soup, sandwiches, pizza and salad. There are a lot of combos too, which is perfect if you are like us and indecisive.  And get this – the lunch menu includes a FREE beverage!

Caryn and I both went with the house salad and a slice of pizza.  The house salad features a delicious house Cesar dressing, which is probably one of my favorite house dressings anywhere in Manhattan.  The salad also comes with a great mix of toppings, like onions, olives, mushrooms and tomatoes.  The thin slice of cheese pizza was good as well and all it needed was some crush red pepper flakes to make it taste even better.  With tax and tip, the whole meal cost me $7 and I left feeling full.

One of my big complaints about Vezzo was the service.  It was always painfully slow, so it was tough to head there for lunch during a work day.  Spunto was the opposite.  From the moment we sat down until when we paid the bill, lunch had only taken a half hour (sorry Caryn, I kept track).  We received our salads immediately after ordering, and the pizza came shortly after.  I didn’t feel rushed, but it’s a great spot if you are trying to meet someone during your work lunch and don’t want to it appear like you’ve left the office for a really long time.

My one complaint however – don’t do take out from Spunto.  I did it for work a few weeks back, and the pizza wasn’t nearly as good as when it’s fresh out of the oven.  Plus, they gave us lettuce without that special dressing on the side – and instead, vinegar and oil.  If you do take out and plan on reheating your pizza later like Caryn and I did when we tried Spunto during the Tastes of the West Village festival you’ll be fine.

The Basics
Name: Spunto
Location: 63 Carmine Street between Bleecker and Bedford
Who to Bring: Friends, Co-workers
Price: $ Less than $10 with tip
Overall: 4 stars.  Get lunch spot in the West Village.

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