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Village Pourhouse Unveils New Burgers

Last week I was invited to a burger tasting at Village Pourhouse on 11th and 3rd Ave.  The tasting was a media event to debut the bar’s new line of burgers.  If you don’t have a blog but do have an affinity for burgers, you can still get to sample these new burgers at a tasting event this week!

McKenna, our CTO, joined me for the tasting.  We were brought into a private room, and plates of sliders were brought out each paired with a different beer – from a strawberry Belgian beer to a pale ale.  Clearly my focus was on the food, so I guess to best share my thoughts, below you’ll find some of the new burgers that we sampled and our opinions!

  • Lamb burger with arugula, tomato, onion confit (tasted like caramelized onions), goat cheese and spicy homemade harissa sauce: I don’t eat lamb, but McK tried this one.  She said it was perfectly cooked and liked the combination of tangy and sweet flavors.
  • Magic ‘shroom burger with arugula, red onion, sauteed mushrooms, bacon and homemade parmesean cheese sauce: this burger was certainly juicy, but I was hoping for a ton of mushrooms – and didn’t get it.  I’m thinking it may have been because it was a slider and some ‘shrooms may have fallen out on to the platter.  Of all the sauces on the burgers, I thought the parm sauce had the most flavor and really stood out on the burger.
  • Smokehouse BBQ Burger with arugula, red onion, tomato, smoked gouda and homemade smokey bbq sauce – all the burgers had onion on it and out of all of them, this had the least oniony flavor (which is good if you are planning on seeing your significant other later). Typically, the BBQ burgers I’ve had are dripping in sauce, so I liked that Village Pourhouse put a small amount of sauce on the burger, but it packed a ton of flavor in the aftertaste. McK and I thought this was one of our favorites.
  • Big Blue Burger with lettuce, bacon, onion confit, pickle and homemade blue cheese sauce – Mother of onion! Seriously, onion was all I could taste on this burger. Blue cheese is a favorite of mine, so I was disappointed I couldn’t taste it.  I would order again, but recommend holding the onion or asking them to go easy on it. My favorite part of this burger though was the bacon – it had a great smokey taste to it.
  • Cheddar burger with arugula, tomato, onion confit, dry aged Vermont cheddar and homemade Cognac sauce – This burger was our least favorite of the group.  I found it to be a little undercooked and underwhelming – possibly because the other burgers had much more interesting toppings. If you like your burgers simple, this may be for you, and if you are wondering, the Cognac sauce reminded us of a sweet mustard.

Now, Village Pourhouse is no stranger to deals. For $5.95, you can get a burger and fries for lunch from 11 – 5. Better yet, add a Bud Light draft or bottomless soft drink to your burger lunch for a buck more.  This lunch special is available at all Village Pourhouse locations.

Want to try these burgers for yourself? Tickets to tomorrow’s (January 20) public tasting are available for $30. You can pick your choice of 5-slider size burgers off the menu, plus have a two-hour open bar, featuring Bud Light drafts.  You can grab your tickets here!
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