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Beauty Services on the Cheap!

Okay so this doesn’t exactly fit under our usual topics, but I thought these places were worth sharing for the ladies (and some men) out there. I’m cheap. You already knew that. But I like to get my manicures and eyebrows waxed as much as the next girl, so when I stumbled upon this trio of spots on 28th Street between Lexington and 3rd Avenue, I was a happy camper.

Park Nail

Manicures for $7? Yes, please! Eye brow wax for $6? Bring it on! Park Nail is a no-frills nail salon, but they offer a great value and service. I honestly can’t imagine any place can beat a $7 manicure, unless it’s some kind of freaky special (and if so, let us know!). For $20 you can also opt for a mani/pedi with a paraffin heel wax, or for $29 you can you get a mani/pedi with a 10 minute massage, or for $25 you can get a manicure with gel powder, etc. They have unbelievable regular prices and deals, so what’s not to love? Maybe the ambiance, but I’m not thinking of the serene music or cup of tea I drank when I’m looking at my nails later in the day. I’d rather get in and out with great looking nails.

Another thing I love about Park Nail is that they have a customer loyalty card. I understand this is nothing new, per se, but they don’t require you to get 9 of the same services in order to get the 10th free. So one time it’s a manicure, another time a wax, and it all adds up on my loyalty card getting me to my freebie #10 service. I’m sure I won’t be able to go nuts and order something off the charts with the tenth service, but still, I like that I can rack up my points, so to speak, faster since multiple services count towards the end goal.

Meena Threading

A nice alternative to waxing, if you are so inclined. With the same prices as Park Nail, it’s simply a matter of choosing how you like your hair ripped out. They also have waxing services and facials (free eyebrows come with any facials).

The Tanning Spot

Now I actually don’t condone tanning, but maybe once a year I’ll go and feel riddled with guilt after, but I do like the “not-as-dead” look it gives me. Some like to go more often and that’s certainly their prerogative, but if you’re going to go, you may as well get a deal out of it. First time guests get a tan for free, and after that it’s only $10 per session. I admit, since this is not a usual hobby of mine I don’t have a thorough grasp of the pricing for tanning in the city, but my gut tells me that this is a pretty good deal. Also, for $60 you can get unlimited sessions for one month or for $65 you can have a very safe and healthy airbrush session.

Where are your go-to inexpensive beauty spots?

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  • Anonymous

    Annie Ji’s on 25th between 2nd and 3rd has $6 manicures and brow waxing every day and $15 mani/pedi mon-thurs. They also have a “get 10 get one free cards.” Happy grooming :)

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