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I’m in Love with Uva

The truffle gnocchi - courtesy of Yelp

I apologize if I saw you on Saturday.  Why?  Because most likely I rambled on about my phenomenal dinner on Friday.

My boyfriend and I decided to check out Uva on Friday night on the Upper East Side.  Walking into the restaurant, you knew this was a great date spot – small tables, intimate lighting, rustic decor.  In fact, I think the whole city knew it was a great date spot since we waited for a half-hour to be seated.  Uva only takes reservations for larger groups, so if planning on Uva for a date night keep this in mind (read: might not make the best first date since you’ll have uncomfortable conversation in a doorway).

It was too crowded at the bar to get a pre-dinner drink, so we waited in the heated doorway outside.  As we waited, everyone coming out told us the wait was worth it – and it certainly was.

We started our meal with a glass of wine – glasses were about $9 and bottles started at $25.  The waiter brought out 4 slices of bread for us, and I was content dipping it in olive oil until our appetizer came out.  Now I thought I had ordered mozzarella covered in prosciutto, but apparently, the waiter misheard me and I received eggplant stuffed with ricotta in a tomato sauce. In the dim lighting, I couldn’t see the difference and could not remember if my mozz dish had ricotta and tomato sauce or if this was the wrong thing.  Once I took a bite and realized it was eggplant, I flagged down the waiter and he was convinced I ordered melanze – not mozzarella. I lived in Florence, I know my pronunciation isn’t that off.  Anyway, I’m not telling you all this to complain,  but just that you know it’s a good sign when what you order isn’t what is expected and it is still good.  The sauce was incredible and we wiped the plate clean with our bread.  The eggplant and ricotta was also delicious – even Chad liked the ricotta and he’s not the biggest fan.

For dinner, we each went with a gnocchi dish and I sampled both – beet gnocchi is a gorganzola sauce with yellow tomatoes and spinach and ricotta gnocchi in a chive and truffle sauce.  If you like truffles, this was the perfect dish for you, as there was a strong truffle aftertaste.  The gorganzola dish was good too, and I liked alternating every few bites with the truffle dish (yes, Chad, I stole lots of bites when you weren’t looking).  The gorganzola dish didn’t have as strong of a flavor, so it almost was like eating a palate cleanser in between bites of the truffle pasta.  The truffle sauce was such an overwhelming flavor, so I’m glad the gorgonzola could calm down my tastebuds a bit.  Both were so delicious and the gnocchi wasn’t nearly as heavy as the traditional potato pasta.  Our waiter was kind enough to offer more bread, so we dipped this in our sauces to clean our plates.  Needless to say we left in a food coma.

Overall, I’m in love with Uva Wine Bar and am looking forward to my next trip back.  There’s so much on the menu I want to try – but I have a feeling I’ll be ordering a dish of gnocchi in a truffle sauce all to myself!

The Basics
Name: Uva Wine Bar
Location: 1486 Second Avenue (between  77th and 78th Streets)
Who to Bring: Date, Parents
Price: $$$ Pastas start at $18
Overall: I got the wrong dish and I still loved it. 5 Stars.

Uva on Urbanspoon

5 comments to I’m in Love with Uva

  • Chad

    Great review! Black truffles give off their “highest perfume” in the month of January (busiest time for market), so it’s possible the dish was in it’s prime potency. Definitely recommend having something to “calm down” the strength of the truffles – heavier red wine, bread, etc.

  • I have been dying to try Uva for over a year now and have held on to a $100 certificate there for a special occasion–I’m going for our Valentine’s dinner. This review came just in time! This place seems magical. I really haven’t heard a bad thing about it!

  • I went with my family when they were in town in April and we had one of the most amazing dinners ever. I think we were there for 2-3 hours and just kept eating :) So glad you loved it!

  • Torri

    Went here with my parents back in April, and I agree – it’s amazing! You should try to go when the weather is warmer, because they have a nice little outdoor seating area that’s lovely.

  • Dory

    This is one of my favorite places in the city! Going back tonight!

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