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Queens Comfort: A Reason to Come to Queens

My boyfriend Chad is from the South, so when we read our friend Bradley’s brunch review of Queens Comfort on Why Leave Astoria, we knew this new spot was at the top of our bucket list.

Queens Comfort‘s kitchen opens for brunch at noon, but if you are an early riser, you can grab some biscuits or donuts to accompany a Stumptown coffee prior to.  The crowds started piling in at noon, but we arrived early and got comfortable at a long table while waiting for the kitchen to open.

For now, the spot is BYOB so we brought some champagne to make mimosas. The menu isn’t finalized just yet and was written on a chalkboard. With items like broccoli cheddar soup, pulled pork, and mac and cheese, we had trouble deciding what to eat.

For about $3 each, we both started brunch with a bacon maple biscuit. We liked it but both of us commented to the waiter that it’d be great warmed up with some butter. In fact, when we ordered the fried chicken sandwich, we substituted the buttermilk biscuit bun for the cheddar chive and since it was served warm and you could really taste the flavors.

Speaking of the fried chicken, the Southern expert (aka Chad) thought it was one of the best fried chicken experiences he has ever had. The breading stayed on the meat and it held nicely together after it was cut.  According to Chad, it wasn’t a traditional breading but more like a fish fry.  We also tried the brisket. It had a wonderful horseradish sauce on it and I loved the tangy contrast against the meat. However it was the one dish that we both agreed wasn’t a must have if ordering again. Both of these sandwiches were listed around $8 and accompanying each sandwich were potato chips.  But trust us, we didn’t want them – we had our eyes on a certain side we ordered.

If you ever need a reason to visit my neighborhood of Astoria, the mac and cheese is it.  The mac and cheese came out as if it was sliced out of a casserole, and had a gooey center with a nice melted cheese crust at the top.  The dish consisted of elbow macaroni, gruyere, cheddar and bechamel and even though it was listed as a side dish ($7), it was so big you needed to split it with someone or make it your main course.  While I know different toppings in mac and cheese are the rage, the simplicity of this dish easily made it one of my favorite mac and cheese dishes of all time.

When it comes to comfort food, I suggest giving Queens Comfort a shot.  I’m looking forward to seeing how their menu ends up playing out, but no matter what happens, definitely block off an afternoon after eating brunch here.  You’ll be in a serious food coma.

Note: Currently Queens Comfort is cash only.

The Basics
Name: Queens Comfort
Location: 40-09 30th Avenue, Astoria
Who to Bring: Friends
Price: Everything under $10.  $
Overall: Solid comfort food spot. 4 stars.

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1 comment to Queens Comfort: A Reason to Come to Queens

  • Chad

    This place was great! I have to echo the brisket comment, though. It was disappointingly bland and the sauce was the only thing that gave it some “oomph” – try the BBQ instead!

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