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Man Vs. Food: Spumoni Gardens

After watching Man Vs. Food’s Brooklyn episode over a year and a half ago, I’ve been wanting to check out L&B Spumoni Gardens.  Since this restaurant is located in Gravesend (aka the last stop on the N before Coney Island), I knew chances of me visiting this spot were pretty slim.  When a friend who lives far out in BK wanted to double date, I grabbed my boyfriend and took an hour and 22 minute subway ride out to this infamous restaurant.

Spumoni Gardens offers indoor and outdoor seating.  Indoor seating is more of a restaurant atmosphere with menu items like pasta and eggplant parm, while outdoor seating is strictly for pizza.  We had heard great things about the pizza, so we decided to order a half tray of pizza – about 12 slices – for $19.  Pizza at Spumoni Gardens is Sicilian style, and their pizza is a little untraditional.  Layered on top of the dough is the cheese, followed by sauce on top. A layer of pecorino romano is then dusted on top of the pie.  We were craving a pepperoni pie and like extra cheese, so we decided to get both as toppings ($2.75 each for toppings).

After a 10 minute wait for our pie, we picked it up at the pickup window and sat outside at one of the many picnic tables. The extra cheese looked interesting to me, because a few slices were layered on top.  As you can see in the picture, even with the extra cheese, it looked nothing like a normal pizza.  To be honest, I thought the extra cheese would have been placed on the bottom of the pie, not the top, where the other cheese was originally put.  Still, I’m glad we ordered the extra cheese because I don’t know if I would have been able to taste it otherwise.  The sauce was delicious, and I’m not sure if it was the flavoring of the overall pie or the two pieces I had, but I couldn’t taste or see the cheese that was cooked under the sauce – maybe because the cheese seeped into the dough. However, I would agree with the host Adam from Man Vs. Food that because there was a layer of cheese in between the sauce and the bread, this pizza was not soggy and the bread remained crisp.

With the sprinkling of the pecorino romano on the top of the pizza, my favorite part of the whole pie had to be the crust.  Some excess pecorino got on top of the crust, and it really made the crust so much more enjoyable.

I really liked Spumoni Gardens.  Would I spend close to 90 minutes each way on the train for this pizza again? No, but if I was at Coney Island, I’d want to stop at Spumoni Gardens on my way home.

The Basics
Name: Spumoni Gardens
Location: 2725 86th St (between 10th and 11th St), Brooklyn
Who to Bring: Friends
Price: A $19 pie fed 4 of us so $
Overall: 4 stars.  Great if you are in the area, not sure I’d make a special trip

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