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Coming Up! It’s Restaurant Week Summer 2011!

2011’s summer Restaurant Week will be held July 11-24, but you can start to make your reservations now (and we recommend doing so for some of the top spots).

As we mention every 6 months when this come around, be diligent to ensure that you’re actually getting a deal. $35 a person isn’t cheap, but it can be a great value depending on where you choose to dine. To review our thinking on the subject, check out this previous post. And of course be sure to peruse the menus first to make sure that you like what they have to offer (not all menus are uploaded to the site and some restaurants only post their RW menus on their individual web sites, so check those out too if you’re considering a few restaurants).

When in doubt, we suggest a steakhouse. If you order a la carte, you’re likely to spend at least $35 on your entree alone, forget an appetizer and dessert. Here’s a list of the restaurants we’ve reviewed for RW over the past few years, and they’re not all stellar reviews:

While Rothmann’s may top my list (I consider the food, value, portion sizes, ambiance, etc.), two very close runner ups were Maloney & Porcelli and The Modern, which is every bit as good as you hoped it would be.

We’ve been to other spots for RW but just haven’t reviewed them for one reason or another, so shoot us a note/leave a comment if you have any questions or if you have any recommendations yourself!

3 comments to Coming Up! It’s Restaurant Week Summer 2011!

  • Claudia D

    I took your advice last year and repeated this year your top pick…Rothmanns. Again, it was phenomenal. I had the calamari (not as perfect as I remembered but very good), filet (perfect), and creme brulee (super yummy). LOVED IT. GREAT service as well.

    I also had 2 other meals thus far and one more scheduled. Today, I had lunch at River Cafe. I never went even though I grew up in Brooklyn because I thought it was touristy. I also was hesitant as I heard just average reviews in the past but I was blown away today. When I walked in the flowers smelled amazing. The views are outstanding but the food…OMG. I had the fluke (sashimi like) appetizer, the crispy BBQ duck breast entree and the red (strawberry ice cream) white (creme brulee) and blue (blueberry cobbler) trio of desserts. Amazing. I will definitely return soon.

    I also loved The Post House. I had the Goat Cheese Tart (so-so), filet (yum) and ice cream (very good quality). Its not my favorite steak house but my mom adores the place. I personally prefer Rothmanns by leaps and bounds.

    Friday, I am trying Fish Tail for dinner and I am looking forward to it.

  • Claudia D

    I should have added that I really wanted to go to Park Ave Summer but they were booked solid. The menu looks very good.

    Atlantic Grill is a ‘staple’ in my family and we go often so we decided against going for restaurant week. I think their food is consistently good and would never hesitate dining there. In fact, we are going Saturday for my brother’s birthday. They don’t have restaurant week there on Saturday I believe.

  • I walked by River Cafe the other day for the first time and it looked really nice – maybe I’ll try to do it Friday for a RW lunch. And I’ve heard good things about Atlantic Grill in general, with the exception being Laura’s RW review linked to above in the post. I will definitely have to give it a try on a regular night some time.

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