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Terrible Service at The Loop

A few nights ago, my friend Jess and I were standing in Union Square wondering where to go to dinner.  We settled on The Loop, a sushi restaurant in Gramercy, simply because it had 4 stars on Yelp.

While all the Yelp reviews raved about the sushi (at least what I could see on my iPhone), clearly no one experienced the same service that we did.  I’m usually pretty lenient when it comes to service, but this was just strange to me.  It was a little busy when we walked in, but we were seated after about a five minute wait.  About three minutes after we were seated – sans menus – a couple next to us was seated – with what I presume was our menus.  We had to wait a few minutes to get menus, and by this time, the table next to us had ordered their meal.  The table next to us were wrapping up their soup by the time we were even asked if we were ready to order.  And oh – I had to flag someone down to get them to come over and take our order.

Courtesy of Yelp

What did we order? Well, we got calamari with a red chili sauce.  This was standard for any sushi restaurant, and I did enjoy it.  It was a good-size portion and perfect for two people.

At this point in the meal, we had waited so long to eat that the table next to us finished their sushi. But from what I overheard, they had ordered a course that the servers forgot to bring out.  The servers didn’t offer to bring it out, but instead advised to just “order another roll if you get hungry.”

The sushi came out and it was good sushi. I didn’t order anything special – just a crunchy spicy tuna roll and a Boston roll.  I thought the sushi was good, but everyone on Foursquare had mentioned how amazing the crunchy spicy tuna roll was.  It was good yes, but it wasn’t the most amazing roll I’ve ever had.  I’d say it was good sushi and a spot I’d definitely put in my rotation if the service wasn’t so bad.  We had asked for more water after having our appetizer, and no one even came back with the pitcher.  Maybe The Loop is more for takeout than dining in?

All in all, our meal from start to finish took an hour and a forty minutes.  And you don’t even cook sushi.

The Basics
Name: The Loop
Location: 173 3rd Ave between 16th and 17th
Who to Bring: Friends, someone you don’t mind talking to for two hours
Price: Most of my rolls were $6, with specialty rolls above $10. $$
Overall: Service killed it for me. 2 stars. 

The Loop on Urbanspoon

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