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Fiddlesticks Offers a Great Brunch Deal

If you are looking for a brunch deal that isn’t all you can drink because you want to be productive on a Sunday, consider Fiddlesticks in Greenwich Village.  Caryn and I decided to try it for brunch with a few of our girlfriends last weekend because it offered a fabulous deal.  For $10, we were able to get two alcoholic drinks plus a brunch entree.  Since we weren’t trying to be too boozy on a Sunday, we thought this was the perfect spot.

We will warn you – the menu is kind of limited, but if omelet or eggs benedict is up your alley, then the menu will suffice.  I kicked off brunch with a mimosa and ordered the eggs benedict.  The portions aren’t huge – i.e., don’t expect a side of fries – but they are definitely filling.  The omelet had a little bit of a bigger portion with a side salad and two pieces of toast.  I found the eggs benedict to be really good, the eggs were the way I liked them, runny enough so I could soak my English muffin in the yolk (I know, this is how poached eggs are supposed to be,  but lately the yolk has been hard in my eggs benedict).

I will  warn you – the service was just okay. If you are looking for a server to check in on you, that doesn’t happen at Fiddlesticks.  However, if you want to be able to loiter and catch up with your friends without feeling rushed, Fiddlesticks may be the perfect place for you.  Better yet, if you still feel like a few drinks after brunch, beers, wells and house wine are only $4, indoors only (not a problem in the winter).

The Basics
Name: Fiddlesticks
Location: 56 Greenwich Avenue
Who to bring: Friends, particularly if you want some time to sit and catch up
Price: Incredibly economical, $
Overall: It’s a good deal with good food. 4 Stars.

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