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5 Reasons Why Harry’s Brunch is 5 Stars

If you’ve seen me at all in the past month, I’ve raved about Harry’s to you.  Frankly, I think it’s one of my favorite brunch spots.  Here’s why:

1). The price: No matter what you order, Harry’s includes all you can drink Kir Royale, Blood Orange Mimosas and Peach

Photo via Yelp

Bellinis.  My entree was $15, so with tax and tip, I spent $20 – and that included the all you can drink.  The most expensive item on the menu is $25, so you’ll never pay more than $32.

2). The food: Portions were huge! I got the BLT, and it was like getting three sandwiches.  I even took some home.

3). The music: I swear, it was like the Stevie Wonder Pandora station was playing (which is my go-to station).  I was rocking out at the table and apparently wasn’t the only one.  Once before, my friend Tim’s dad danced with the waitstaff.

4). Amanda: Don’t want to give the best kept secret away, but ask to sit in Amanda’s section.  She was an AWESOME waitress.  You know how you often are forgotten about your refills at AYCD brunch? Amanda was attentive, always making sure our glasses were filled.  She also didn’t rush us through brunch so we could get plenty of drinks.  And yes, she may have even been the waitress that danced with Tim’s dad – and remembered Tim.

5). The Drinks: The Peach Bellini is fantastic.  Hands down probably one of the most refreshing drinks I’ve  had in awhile.  After tasting it, I didn’t even want a sip of the other drinks.  They weren’t bad, but this was just far superior.

Harry’s offers brunch only on Saturdays and can get packed.  If you want to go this weekend, definitely make reservations soon!

The Basics
Name: Harry’s Cafe
Location: One Hanover Square
Who to Bring: Friends, Family
Price: $$ Most entrees between $15- $20
Overall: 5 Stars.  I love you, Harry’s. 

Harry's Steak and Cafe on Urbanspoon

5 comments to 5 Reasons Why Harry’s Brunch is 5 Stars

  • Dear Laura,

    NOT only is Amanda an amazing waitress she is one Heck of a songster…YOU need to get to Stella on Front street to hear her with her band singing (like an angel) every Sunday night.

    Agreed Harry’s has the best brunch ever…and I first met Amanda dining at Harry’s several years go, but like so many struggling something/waitress, waiters, AMANDA had the goods…that is for sure.

  • Shannon Schutte

    Amanda is the best! She’s so amazing I came all the way to NY from Chicago to sit in her section! DO IT!

  • Suzy

    What a great review – and Amanda sounds awesome! My only question to you is, if everything is so great and she was so attentive, and considering you probably sat at your table for a while drinking up those free refills, why didn’t you tip her more? Forget 20% – when your bill is that cheap and you are getting so much more than you’re paying for, leave the server no less than $5 a piece. All the compliments in the world don’t pay Amanda’s rent.

  • Amanda

    Thanks everyone for the love, but YOU are what makes brunch great! You all are so cool, patient, you dont drink like you’re at a frat party and you are so generous! Im sure you get goow service anywhere! Shoutout to Tim and Tims dad! Holla!

  • Nancy

    My husband and I met Amanda at Harry’s 4 years ago and the reason why we keep going back is because of Amanda. Harry’s brunch is excellent (don’t get me wrong) but Amanda, add’s that touch that seperates Harry’s from other NYC restaurants, and we all know that NYC has MANY to chose from. I often wonder do they truly know and appreciate what they have??

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