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Kale Never Tasted So Good

A while back I went with my boyfriend’s family to dine at E & E Grill House. Now for full disclosure, his family knows the owner, but let’s just put it this way, if I didn’t like it I simply wouldn’t write about it.

I was looking forward to our lunch for two reasons: 1) my dining options have been nearly 100%  limited to Restaurant.com and daily deal site vouchers ever since I went back to school, so this was a big change of pace, and 2) while it was newly opened, it had already received some great initial reviews. Thankfully E & E Grill House delivered on all fronts.

Located in the Theater District, I’m not sure if I’d venture over if I didn’t need to be on that side of town anyway, but it is the perfect spot for a pre-theater meal or a simply a nice night out. It has a big bar and dining area, and for whatever reason my favorite part of the decor were the photos hanging on the wall. They were images printed out onto 4″ x 4″ tiles, pieced together to form one picture, like an orderly mosaic. It was a nice touch and stood out from typical artwork.

Veggie Joe

As for the food, the menu isn’t terribly large but sometimes I find that to be easier since I can never make up my mind on what to order. Perusing the lunch menu, a few items caught my eye, but I did see a tasty looking sandwich on someone’s plate when we walked in so I decided to try the veggie tofu sandwich, as did someone else in our party (all sandwiches, including the burger, also came with hand-sliced potato chips and a pickle).

Other orders included the E & E Cheeseburger and kale salad with salmon on top. We also started with complimentary biscuits with honey butter (they were outrageously good), and we shared a salad (although I can’t remember which one!) and cottage fries, which, if you’re unfamiliar like I was, are like regular fries but the potatoes are sliced into medallions versus sticks.

Of everything at the table, my personal favorites were the kale salad with salmon and the cottage fries (of course I like the healthiest and worst foods at the table). Do not overlook the kale salad. It was perfectly dressed with a grainy mustard vinaigrette – the dressing wasn’t too tangy or sweet and there was just the right amount over the greens, not too dry or soggy. I have tried 3x to recreate the dressing and have failed. I don’t know what the trick is, but it’s so delicious. And the salmon was the perfect accompaniment.

I also adored the cottage fries, but really I’ll eat a fried potato sliced and diced in any which way. The sprinkle of sea salt brought out the flavor making them even more delicious. The burgers were quite good as well and made for two happy campers at the table. While I did like the veggie tofu sandwich, I liked the other two entrees better and would probably pick the kale salad the next time around.

E & E Grill House apparently has some top notch steaks, but we didn’t get a chance to try them (or their other fish dishes which looked good), but I suppose that’s for another time. All in all it was a great meal and I highly recommend E & E Grill House, especially if you’re over on the West side!

The Basics
Name: E & E Grill House
Location: 233 W. 49th Street
Who to bring: family, a date, friends, anyone
Price: Sandwiches are very reasonable (~$10-13), but main entrees are more expensive ($25-35). $$-$$$$
Overall: 4.5 Stars!

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