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Giveaway! Win a Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese Gift Box

As you all know, I love cheese.  I love cheese so much that my future husband better let me name my kids Brie, Jack and Colby, after my three favorite cheeses.

When Caryn and I were offered a giveaway for a holiday cheese basket, we both jumped on the chance! After all, who doesn’t love cheese? Crave Brothers Farmstead Classics Cheese offers a holiday gift basket that seems like it’d make a great gift for a hostess or for your aunt out in California.

Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese supports locally owned and operated family farms and use 100% green power, and practice water conservation and recycling at their farm.  Their artisan-style cheeses are handmade.

So wondering what you can win today?

The four-cheese gift basket selection, priced at $24.99, includes 8 ounces of Crave Brothers Sweet Cream Mascarpone. The luscious cheese is ideal for serving with berries, in fruit parfaits, and for creating memorable holiday desserts such as Chocolate Mascarpone Pie. The 8-ounce ball of Fresh Mozzarella can create easy appetizers and salads, while the 12-ounce portion of handmade Crave Brothers Farmer’s Rope String Cheese is a natural for snacks, hot sandwiches and recipes such as Stuffed Crust Pizza.  The gift basket also includes 8 ounces of Crave Brothers Petit Frère French-style cheese. The earthy flavors of this rind-washed cheese make it a great choice for pairing with dried fruit and nuts.  It’s also a flavorful addition to cheese plates and luxurious holiday-style dishes like Fennel Potato Cheese Gratin. You can also order this basket online here.

How to win

To win your Crave Brothers Holiday Gift Box, simply comment below with your favorite cheese.  Contest ends Wednesday, December 14 at 11:59 PM EST.  Good luck!

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