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I'm a young professional living in Astoria (formerly of Williamsburg, the UES and Murray Hill - I move a lot!). I'm always looking for something fun to do or the best place to grab a drink and dinner at an affordable price around the city. Have a suggestion? Email me at Laura AT 89thandbroke DOT com.

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Potbelly: My New Sandwich Go-To

A few years ago, Quiznos was all the rage, and then it was the $5 footlong at Subway.  Now my friends, we have Potbelly.  Potbelly is a Chicago-sandwich chain, that specializes in the art of a warm, toasted sandwich.

When you walk in, you have your choice of some pre-selected sandwiches on a menu, or you can create your own. Typically, I go with the roast beef and provolone, or the Italian.  You then choose if you want white or wheat bread.  Your sandwich is then toasted, and you can then choose additional toppings like lettuce, tomato, pickles, hot peppers, onions, mustard, mayo, oil, and Italian seasoning.

What I love about Potbelly is it is a seamless ordering system.  Someone has a computer where they take your order, and once it comes time to put the toppings on, you have a designated person to help put the toppings on your order – so you aren’t chasing someone down like you are at Subway. My only complaint is the hot peppers.  They have a ton of stuff that is marinated with the hot peppers, and sometimes the last thing I was is carrots or cauliflower on my sandwich.

As far as price, a sandwich typically goes around $5.50.  I often get a bag of chips – they have some great kettle-cooked chips and they are bigger bags for the same price as a regular bag – so my whole order is about $7.19.

If you are looking for a new lunch spot, check out Potbelly! There are several locations around the city. The location on 17th and 5th always has live acoustic music, which is a nice added touch while you are waiting in line for lunch.

The Basics
Name: Potbelly
Location: Multiple
Who to Bring: Co-workers, Alone
Price: $ Less than $10
Overall: In my lunch rotation. 4 stars.

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