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I'm a young professional living in Astoria (formerly of Williamsburg, the UES and Murray Hill - I move a lot!). I'm always looking for something fun to do or the best place to grab a drink and dinner at an affordable price around the city. Have a suggestion? Email me at Laura AT 89thandbroke DOT com.

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Satisfactory Pasta at Spina

Last night, my friend Wix and I were en route to redeem a ScoutMob deal when we discovered the restaurant was closed. Since we were in the mood for pasta, we decided to check out Spina on Ave B.

Spina had a happy hour going on til 8, so we took advantage of a meatball dish – […]

Favorite Food Finds, Plus Winners!

Just a heads up that @foodforkt and the 28th commenter, Chris, won tickets to Clybourne Park.

$10 gets you $20 to Overstock. $12 gets you $25 to Panorama Cafe plus two glasses of wine on the UES. Grab a four course meal for two for $39 at Hung Ry. $10 gets you $25 to […]

Deal Alert! Cheap Lunch at Lanza’s!

A reader alerted us to this special yesterday afternoon! Unfortunately, it ends today, but if you can make it to Lanza’s from 12- 2:30 today, you are in for a treat. This restaurant, located on 1st Ave and 10th Street, has rolled back its prices in honor of its 108th anniversary.  Chicken Marsala is […]

Favorite Food Finds!

$75 gets you $125 at French Connection. $29 gets you a gastropub meal for two including two glasses of beer or wine at the Long Room in Midtown. $30 gets you a bottle of wine, a shared plate and dessert at Winebar in the East Village. $29 gets you a seafood platter with […]

Coupon Crazy! Free Baja Fresh Taco with Purchase!

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I’ve noticed Baja Fresh has been stingy with their coupons lately. You always used to be able to get them online.

Baja Fresh though does offer a coupon through their company newsletter, Club Baja.  Sign up for their email list, and you’ll receive a coupon for […]

Coming Up! Free Samples at Hot Kitchen!

Hot Kitchen in the East Village is an Authentic Sichuan restaurant.  Tomorrow, March 28 from 2-5 pm, swing by for:

Spicy Sichuan Dumplings – with a delicious pork filling and complex sauce mixed with spice and garlic Village Spicy Chicken – diced white meat chicken with fresh red and green peppers Sichuan Cold Noodles – Cold noodles in Sichuan hot oil […]

Favorite Food Finds!

$10 gets you $25 to Atomic Wings. $35 gets you a Turkish meal with appetizers, entrees and wine for two at Aegean Turkish Restaurant on the UES. Enjoy an Italian dinner with appetizers, entrees and wine for two for $25 at Aquamarina Restaurant in Washington Heights. $10 gets you $20 to Overstock.com. Enjoy […]

Revisiting the Review: Ornella’s Offers $10 Pasta and $14.95 Steak Nights

Last week, I happened to be on a date and suggested that we head over to Ornella’s in Astoria.  I hadn’t been in nearly two years, but remembered our meal was fabulous.  When I walked in, I was shocked when the owner recognized me, and was also shocked that it was $10 pasta […]

Deal Alert! Free Bagels on Sunday!

Football season may be over, but it doesn’t mean you still can’t have a Sunday Funday.  If you are looking to go out and have a couple drinks on Sunday, might I suggest these three bars.  Why? You’ll enjoy free bagels!

D.B.A on First Ave between 2nd and 3rd Street offers free bagels from […]

Favorite Food Finds!

Enjoy pasta or pizza for 2 at Little Luzzo’s on the UES for $14. In Brooklyn? $15 gets you an appetizer, 2-liter soda, and a large pie for $15 at Peter Pizza. $29 gets you a meal for two at Taka Taka (plus free dessert with mobile redemption). $10 gets you $20 to […]

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