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A Great Italian Sunday Dinner in Forest Hills

Sometimes readers say that I write about the same neighborhoods repeatedly.  Well folks, I’ve made it out to Forest Hills.

Earlier this month, my boyfriend and I were invited to try La Vigna, an Italian restaurant out in Forest Hills.  Since we live in Queens in Astoria, it was about a 15-minute subway ride, with another 15-minute walk.  The walk to the restaurant though was absolutely beautiful. We got off at Forest Hills – 71st Ave stop, and gawked at all the HOUSES that we saw down 71st Ave.  I’m talking homes with yards, garages, basketball hoops – for a moment, we thought we were completely out of NYC.

Located on Metropolitan Ave though, is La Vigna, right next to a Sizzler (another thing we were excited to see!). The restaurant had several tables, covered with white tablecloths (more about that later) and there were several couples, and tables of older adults eating together.  It was clear the restaurant could hold big parties, as there were several tables pushed together and it looked like a bigger party had just left.

I love a restaurant that throws a little amuse bouche on the table, and appreciated the complimentary bruschetta.  It was a hot summer day, so the cool tomatoes were certainly refreshing.  In addition came a delicious bread basket – with crackers and my favorite, garlic bread.  My boyfriend preferred the focaccia, but both of us agreed it was nice to have such a huge selection of bread to pick from.

For an appetizer, we snagged fried calamari and shrimp ($12.50).  My God, was this portion huge (see pic).  It could have easily fed four people.  My only disappointment with the dish was it was a little heavy on the calamari, and less on the shrimp (about 4 shrimp if I can recall).  During this course though, I had what I refer to as “the incident.” I dropped my fork into the sauce, and splattered sauce all over the table.  Frankly, it was really embarrassing.  Still, the waitstaff made me feel comfortable, told me not to worry about it, and joked around with me about it.  So kudos to the waiters for making me feel at home.

For dinner, we got the cavatelli with sausage, zucchini and tomatoes, and ravioli ($21.50) stuffed with asparagus and ricotta, served with asparagus and shrimp ($21).  The cavatelli was a great light summer dish, and the ravioli was delicious as well.  Both were good-sized portions and were a struggle to finish.

Still, we couldn’t leave without dessert . We tried the apple strudel based off a recommendation from the waiter.  It was served with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream, and it was fantastic.

What I love about La Vigna is that in addition to order a la carte, they do have a Sunday prix fixe menu. For $29.95, you get:

  • Choice of eggplant rollatini, baked clams, stuffed mushrooms
  • Soup or house salad
  • Choice of pasta with arugola and baby shrimp, chicken bolognese, chicken parm or grilled salmon
  • Choice of chocolate mousse cake, Italian cheese cake, or tiramisu plus coffee

Talk about a steal! If you are in Forest Hills and searching for Italian, I do recommend La Vigna – especially for this Sunday night deal!

The Basics
Name: La Vigna
Location: 10011 Metropolitan Ave, Forest Hills
Who to Bring: Parents, Date
Price: $$$ Entrees between $20-$30
Overall: 4 stars.  Solid Italian.  Great if in the area.

La Vigna Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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