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Hanger Steak with Two Sides for $25? I’m in!

A couple weeks ago, I was invited to try Aged on the Upper West Side. Aged actually has two steakhouses, one on Broadway and 88th, and one in Forest Hills, and I was honestly surprised how big Aged was – dimly lit, but lots of tables, perfect for both big parties or dates.

We started the meal with a BLT wedge, which consisted of Boston lettuce, applewood bacon, gorgonzola and blue cheese dressing. I liked that I had mentioned to our waiter that my boyfriend and I were planning on splitting the salad, and they served it to us on two different plates, rather than having us trying to cut it up ourselves.  However, it was extremely heavy on the blue cheese side – all I could taste was the cheese probably because it was mixed with the gorgonzola, so my recommendation would to order the dressing on the side.

Still, a steakhouse should be know for its steaks, and I thought Aged did a great job. What I really liked was that if you are on a budget, for $25 you can get a hanger steak with sides! Most steakhouses insist you order your sides separately at an added price, but for $25, this included steamed vegetables (carrots and string beans) and mashed potatoes. My steak was cooked accurately, and while it didn’t need any sauces, I couldn’t help but dip in the Au Poivre sauce – for some reason it tasted like truffles to me.

When I saw truffled mac and cheese ($10) on the menu, I won’t lie – I had to order it too. Did I need it? No, I was stuffed, but I had to try it. The mac and cheese was great and had a slight hint of truffles – it wasn’t overpowering.

If you are looking for a steakhouse that doesn’t break the bank, I’d check out Aged, since there menu offers an extremely affordable option – the hanger steak. Honestly, the price for the hanger was on par with what I’ve paid at an Outback before, but much better quality. A bottle of wine is around $30, and with two hanger steaks (plus the included sides), you can be out of there with tax and tip and a full belly for $102. If you are worried you’ll be hungry and insist on an appetizer, I’d skip the wedge salad and head straight for the mac and cheese instead.

 The Basics
Name: Aged
Location: 2398 Broadway
Who to Bring: Date, Parents, Groups
Price: $$$$ It’s a steakhouse!
Overall: Me like free sides. 4 stars. 

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