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Try This Trick! Move Easily with Unpakt – Plus a Discount Code!

I’ve moved 4 times in NYC, so I know how tough moving is. After I moved myself in once, I swore to God I would never do it again and have hired movers since. When this website, Unpakt, contacted me, thought you guys who are thinking about moving soon might find it useful – and of course, we have a discount code for you. Jenna from Unpakt explains the service below, but you can also check out this review on TechCrunch.

Guest Post by Jenna Weinerman at Unpakt

Moving in NYC can be a nightmare. There must be an easier way than bribing your friends into back pain with pizza and beer…

Cue Unpakt.com, a price comparison site that helps ease the pain of finding a trustworthy and affordable mover. Like Kayak or Expedia, but for moving! unpakt-logoUnpakt churns out exact prices for your move from a number of reputable NYC movers, and you can compare their user reviews/prices. Once you’ve found your perfect match, book directly on the site.

To ease the pain even further, get 5% instant cash back on your upcoming move. Enter promo code: 89TH when booking on Unpakt.com. Move must be
booked by 7/31/13.

Bonus: Unpakt compiled this list of money-saving moving tips for your move!

  • You may get a better price if you’re flexible with your move date/time. Avoid the 1st, 15th and 30th/31st of the month if you can.
  • Declutter your home before you move to help eliminate stuff you don’t want to pay to move.
  • Read reviews – bad movers can cost more in the long run.
  • Prepare for post-move costs ahead of time by simply thinking ahead. Contact your new utility company, purchase cleaning supplies in advance, etc.
  • Measure twice, move once! If you can’t fit your couch, don’t spend money to move it.
  • Use as much luggage as you can. You can quickly fill duffle bags and suitcases with “don’t forget” items that could get lost in a box for days.

3 comments to Try This Trick! Move Easily with Unpakt – Plus a Discount Code!

  • Framing Jane

    Cool. I think Moveline is better: http://www.Moveline.com

  • Colin Basser

    Hi Jane, I researched unpakt and moveline. Moveline has 0 yelp reviews.. they don’t even have a yelp profile! Unpackt on the other hand has a 5 star rating on yelp with so many reviews!! Definitely going with unpackt!!

  • Randi

    Just used this code and it’s still active. I also researched both companies and unpakt provides prices instantly and lets you actually book with the mover… moveline takes a few days and they get back to you. I also like that i can see all reviews (unpakt customers, yelp, google, etc.) for the movers on unpakt – very transparent.

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