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Favorite Spots from Choice Eats, Plus Choice Street Tickets On Sale This Week

Via Ample Hill’s Website

Last Tuesday, I went to Village Voice’s Choice Eats event. I describe this event as my Christmas – so many samples you get to try from different restaurants all over the city. I ate my way through 80+ food vendors, but here’s my top 5 that I recommend you check out:

  • Ample Hills Creamery: My god. This was my favorite sample by far of the night. In fact, I went up for seconds. This ice cream was so creamy, and the salted crack caramel was that perfect sweet and salty combination. Best of all, it tasted like it had little bits of heath bar in it – but come to find out, it was crack cookies – made with saltines, butter, sugar and chocolate. Run to Prospect Heights, Brooklyn now to give this place a try.
  • Fonda: This East Village (and Park Slope) location serve cochinita pibil, which was Yuctan style achiote marinated slow baked pork shoulder served on a tortilla chip. The pork had a really nice kick to it!
  • Fletcher’s Brooklyn Barbecue: I liked this Gowanus spot for two reasons. 1). The guys serving the barbecue were drinking bud heavy while cutting up the 2). delicious burnt ends. So yummy and didn’t even need barbecue sauce.
  • Pete Zaaz: These folks from Crown Heights got an A+ from me for creativity. Potato pizza, served in an egg roll. It was like all my favorite things combined into one.
  • Luke’s Lobster: ¬†These buttered crab rolls melted in your mouth. Was definitely worth the wait! Year after year, Luke’s always does a good job at these events, and I liked that they served something different this year – usually it has been a shrimp roll.

Bummed you missed out? ¬†Tickets for Choice Streets, held May 7 from 8-10pm on the Intrepid, are on sale this Wednesday. Choice Streets will allow you to sample from different food trucks – and if you don’t want to wait in long lines, I’d advise buying a VIP ticket. This way, you can sample everything without worrying about any trucks running out (it does happen). Hope you can make it!


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