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What I’m Doing This Summer: ClassPass

My friend Raquel has beenĀ a member of ClassPass for a few months now – for $99 a month, you get 10 classes toclasspass review boutique studios all around the city – think RowHouse, Revolve, Barry’s Bootcamp, classes that are normally $35 a pop and you see on the pages of US Weekly. While $10 a class was still a good deal, I would always find myself on the sign up page, then chickening out telling myself I should use the gym more that I’m already paying for.

But then I saw one day on Facebook (thanks Facebook targeting) that for the summer, ClassPass has a special deal where you’ll get unlimited classes per month for the same price. If you sign up before Memorial Day, you’ll have access to this deal through Labor Day – pay $99 a month, get unlimited classes. I know, this is a little out of the price range here on 89th and Broke, but you can make this totally worth your while.

I signed up last Wednesday, as I’m trying to shed some lbs before my engagement shoot this fall. So far, I have to say that I’m hooked. With ClassPass, you can only go to one studio 3 times during the month, so it forces you to try new places. I’ve tried Simply Cycle in Astoria, where I sweated my butt off, and Simply Fit Astoria, where I tried the Simply Move It class – a mix of cardio dance (so much harder than Zumba!) and body sculpting (note: I’ve spent the last two days walking around like an old woman). I’m already looking forward to a few more classes this week, and the threat that I will have to pay $20 if I do not show up has been a major motivator (if something comes up last minute, you can always email ClassPass). There are plenty of time slots available, but I will caution that if you are an AM gym goer, you may want to call ahead to make sure there is a shower if you plan on getting ready there before work (note to my colleagues: you will see me in a ponytail for 85% of this summer).

If you need a new workout for summer or want to try some place new, consider ClassPass. There is normally a waitlist to get in to ClassPass, but sign up from this link to skip the line.

5 comments to What I’m Doing This Summer: ClassPass

  • Greetings from Simply Cycle and Simply Fit! Im so glad to see you are enjoying your classes at both studios. ClassPass is a great deal and perfect for anyone looking to cross train.
    Awesome write up, thanks for the mentions. See you in classes soon where I will continue to kick your booty :)

  • Vonetta

    Thanks for the review. Really helpful!

  • Sam

    Beware of ClassPass! ClassPass sounds like a good idea, but they have allowed too many users to join and they don’t have access to enough classes. I joined in September 2014 thinking I could try all of the studios in my new neighborhood but I am only able to get into classes in out of the way locations in the middle of the day. Plus they have a fine print policy that they won’t refund your first month’s subscription fee – money down the drain. Perhaps if they get more classes or less users this model will work but for now I’d suggest you save you money!

  • Deni NYC

    Beware of ClassPass in NYC. It has the worst customer service. My first month has been a nightmare. I have been denied access to studios even though I had a reservation. Imagine the shame!! I also was charged $20 for a class I attended. It is impossible to take classes at the times you want because they are always booked.
    Save yourself the hastle and avoid ClassPass. Not even worth the first month, with so many options in the city.

    • I haven’t experienced being denied access to a studio before. I will say though I make sure at noon to reserve my class for the following week and I’m pretty diligent about it so I haven’t had a problem before. I’m usually able to get into a class every morning – I go to the gym at 7am daily except on weekends. To date, I have been to 100 classes, so it’s totally been worth it for me. Even if I have missed a class that I booked due to being sick or MTA problems, I will email Classpass so I haven’t experienced the $20 fee. My experience has been totally positive and am still a very big fan.

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