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I'm a young professional living in Astoria (formerly of Williamsburg, the UES and Murray Hill - I move a lot!). I'm always looking for something fun to do or the best place to grab a drink and dinner at an affordable price around the city. Have a suggestion? Email me at Laura AT 89thandbroke DOT com.

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In Williamsburg? Free Coffee at Sugarburg

Sugarburg, a neighborhood bar at 519 Metropolitan Ave. (corner of Metro and Union) is now serving coffee! They are brewing Brooklyn Roasting Company coffee and a have a full espresso bar as well, offering treats like a Flat White and Cold Brews. They are also serving some local Patisserie options – yum!
Open Monday thru Friday starting at 7AM, they have a special today through Wednesday March 18 – be one of the first 50 customers each day to come into the shop and get a free cup of drip coffee. If you do decide to stay a bit  longer, enjoy the free wifi.
We got an email from their barista alerting us to this deal – but it’s on Brokelyn too.

How to Survive a Food Event

Today marks my favorite food event of the year – Choice Eats (and tickets are still available!)! With more than 68 restaurants offering samples tonight from 7-10pm at Metropolitan Pavilion (General admission hours), it’s easy to get stuffed – so we’re here to tell you how to survive a food event.

how to survive

  • Pair off: Try to do this event with a group of people and you’ll get lost and have disagreements on where to go next. Keep it simple and have just one partner in crime. With this partner in crime, you’ll want to split every sample with them.
  • If you don’t like it, move on: Food events are a great way to get introduced to new dishes. But if you don’t like it or it isn’t worth finishing, just throw it up and don’t worry about wasting food. It’s the one day of the year where I know I shouldn’t clear my plate.
  • Plan ahead: Know which restaurants are a must try so that you can prioritize correctly. Seafood typically goes first so head to Luke’s Lobster immediately.
  • Arrive early: Even as someone who is always 10 minutes late, I recommend getting in line early, especially for general admission. And there will be a line because everyone get’s ID’d.
  • Tackle the food first: At these events, there is free wine, beer and more. I usually skip this until the end just to make sure my belly gets filled with food, not drinks. Plus, then you won’t have to worry about spilling anything while you’re managing plates!
  • Take time to enjoy it: At Choice Eats, I’m so busy stuffing my face with food that I often forget to enjoy my bite, as I’m so concerned where to next. Take a moment, breathe and enjoy what’s in your mouth before rushing over to that next table.
  • Write down your favorites: Remember that the point of this event is to get introduced to new restaurants. While I sometimes will fall in love with a place that’s an hour away and won’t become a regular, I have made a point to revisit some of my favorites.
  • Spring for a cab home: We know these tickets can be a lot, and for some of our readers, that’s what you’d normally spend on 4 meals or so.  Go all out though and take that cab home. You’re full, you are in a food coma, and the last thing you want is to be that sick passenger on the train.


Buy One Get One Smoothies at Organic Avenue Tomorrow

Here’s a good Friday treat I figured I’d share with you today in case you like smoothies for breakfast! Purchase the new Sweet Karma smoothie ($9) at select OrganicKarma Smoothie
stores in NYC on Friday, March 13th and you’ll receive a second smoothie to gift to a co-worker or friend. The Sweet Karma smoothie is sweet and creamy, a plant-based take on the traditional Indian mango lassi. It’s also a great post-workout drink, boasting 20 grams of protein from sprouted brown rice protein.

The smoothies are available at the following Organic Avenue locations:

  • 82nd & Amsterdam
  • 21st & Eighth
  • 54th & Lexington
  • 40th & Sixth
  • 21st & Park Ave South
  • Bleecker St. at Crosby

Try the New Flats at Potbelly

Reader Ludmila sent this over to me – on March 16 from 6-7:30pm, you can head to a few Potbelly locations in the city to try their new thin multi-grain flats. In order to attend at one of the three locations, you must RSVP. RSVP details and locations can be found here.

Tonight’s Bill: Honeymoon in Vegas

Last week, I was invited to check out Honeymoon in Vegas, a new Broadway musical staring Tony Danza. I didn’t know going into it that Honeymoon in Vegas is actually a movie from the 90s, starring Nicholas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker, so I wasn’t familiar with the storyline. To be honest, it was pretty entertaining – the show tells the story of Jack, a Brooklynite with an extreme fear of marriage, who finally gets up the nerve to ask his girlfriend Betsy to marry him. But when smooth-talking gambler Tommy — looking for a second chance at love — falls head-over-heels for Betsy, Jack must go to extreme heights to win back the love of his life.

In terms of Broadway shows out there, it was very lighthearted and funny – and as I said, definitely entertaining. While I love musicals, sometimes you can’t wait to go home during it if the show doesn’t grasp you, but it wasn’t the case during Honeymoon in Vegas.  I didn’t walk out of Honeymoon in Vegas desperate to buy the soundtrack, but I left with a vivid memory of Tony Danza tap dancing on stage – as a Who’s the Boss fan, that was a big win.

If you use TodayTix, a discount ticket app, tickets start at $59. Use the code CYISU (my referral code) at checkout, and you’ll save $20 off your order.


Starbucks Monday Deals From 2-5pm in March

There are a bunch of Starbucks Monday deals going on this March! Note that these deals are for members – and to be a member, you must pay with a registered gift card or the Starbucks app. Using the Starbucks app is pretty easy – you can reload money on to your app in seconds.

Anywho, if you do have a registered Starbucks card or the app – and it’s so easy to get the app set up – take advantage of these Starbucks Monday deals from 2-5pm this March.

starbucks monday deals

Now Open: Oxido, a Modern Mexican Restaurant

Today, Oxido, a modern Mexican restaurant opens on 23rd Street between 5th and 6th. I stopped by their media preview last night and was pleasantly surprised. The food was oxido reviewflavorful, the sauces were to die for and I tried so many good things I don’t know what I want to eat next time I’m back.

Oxido’s concept is pretty simple – head to the counter, and pick from a burrito, bowl or two tacos. Next, pick your kind of rice – brown rice or white rice, and your type of bean – pinto beans (with bacon!) or black beans. After that, choose your protein – the carnitas were delicious, as was the grilled garlic steak, but there is chicken and a veggie option too (mushrooms). Best of all, if you have a friend that likes to make sure their meet is all-natural and free range, this place is for you (I’m looking at you, Caryn).

From there, add queso sauce (95 cents extra but worth every penny), grilled peppers and onions, lettuce, corn salsa, tomato, guac (95 cents extra), cheese and then it’s time for the sauce. There’s everything from salsa fresca (your pico de gallo) to chipotle crema, a creamy and smoky sauce with a kick. Prices range from $8.50 for vegetarian (mushrooms) to $9.15 for steak.

We were told to try a bunch of different things. Of course, the first time I went up I loaded up my plate – I went for a (small) bowl with rice, grilled garlic steak, and layered on every topping under the sun but lettuce. It was delicious, but then their co-founder encouraged me to go simpler on my next dish so I could taste the flavors.

He was right.

I tried the carnitas tacos, with just some queso sauce, salsa fresca and the chile de arbol sauce, a salsa with toasted spices, smoked chiles and a little bit of sweetness. It was delicious – I was scared of this sauce at first but it gave just the right amount of sweetness. I then later mixed that chile de arbol sauce with the chipotle crema. My god, it was like eating the flavors of buffalo chicken dip (minus the chicken) without the gooeyness.

oxido make it dirtySo I tried the simple version. And then I heard people talking about ordering an off menu item – the Make It Dirty (see photo). So I made my buddy Dave from Barton’s Bites order it. Basically, it’s nachos with everything but the kitchen sink on it – guac, queso sauce, new Mexican beef curry (essentially beef stew), cheese, black beans, salsa fresca, etc. I told Dave when we started eating it that I was full. But it was so good I kept going…and going….and going….

Want to give Oxido a try? Here’s why you should on their opening day (3/3), which opens at 11am today. 50% of their proceeds will benefit the Food Bank of NY, and you’ll get to try this delicious queso sauce for free.

If you give it a try….let us know what you think!


Sponsored: Bring in an Old Bra and Save $10 Off a New Bra at Town Shop on the UWS, Plus Contest

Sorry guys, but this is a girls-only post (but gentlemen, you may want to tell your lady friends).

So, let me kick this off by saying on the eve of my 30th birthday, that things get better with age. Wine gets better with age, I get better with age, but sadly, bras are not one of them. The underwire may fall out, the bra gets stretched out and don’t hold the girls in anymore, etc. – it’s just not a good look. Apparently, a bra should only last 100 wears. After 100 times of wearing, this is when these problems start to happen. So if you have 4 good bras, you’ll be fine for a year, but then you need an upgrade.

If you’re like me, you probably have a drawer filled with old bras – ones that don’t fit, ones that are too stretched out, ones that you bought online but then they arrived and are super uncomfortable. Before doing any spring cleaning and thinking of dumping those in the garbage, bring them to Town Shop, and save on a future bra purchase.

Open and serving the city since 1888, Town Shop, located on Broadway between 81st and 82nd sells top name brands and gives the customer something they cannot receive online: a real fitting.  According to Oprah 80% of women wear the wrong size bra so it may be good to go and get measured. In fact, one of my friends who we all thought was a little on the smaller size, had a really fitting once, and found out she was actually a D cup – granted she was a 30D, but for all these years, she assumed she was a 32B.  She really likes to remind us now that she’s got D’s. :) Now if you are a little bigger than a D, that’s fine too – Town Shop sells bras all the way up to Ks.

Anyways, as I was saying, if you have a drawer filled with old bras, it’s time to bring them in during the month of March to Town Shop for their “Bucks for Bras”* promotion  and you’ll receive $10 off the purchase of a new bra, up to 5 bras. This is a pretty good deal especially if you’re thinking of replacing an old bra, and just want to double-check your size.

Now in true 89th and Broke fashion, we have a giveaway too! We’re participating in this contest with a few different bloggers, but one lucky winner will receive 3 sets of Chantelle lingerie, plus 1 bottle of French Champagne. But that’s not all! A second prize winner gets 2 Sets of Chantelle Lingerie and 1 box of French macarons and a third prize winner gets 1 Set of Chantelle Lingerie and 1 Chantelle goodie bag. To enter, simply fill out the form below, provide your email address and “like” Town Shop on Facebook.

Chantelle Gold

a Rafflecopter giveaway



The Fine Print*: “Bucks for Bras” Bring one old bra to Town Shop and receive $10 towards a new bra. The offer is available up to 5 old bras for the purchase of 5 new bras.

Disclosure: I was compensated in exchange for writing about this promotion. Opinions are my own. And yes, I’m truly about to turn 30.

Win the NYC LOADed Cocktail Passport!

I’ve told you about the Whiskey Passport and the Beer Passport. And now my dear readers, there is the NYC LOADed Cocktail PassportNYC Loaded Cocktail Passport

Good Passports, Ladies of American Distilleries (LOAD), Lupec NYC and Boozemenus.com have teamed up to present The LOADed Cocktail Passport, which will raise funds for Bottomless Closet & Toklas Society. So yes, you can drink and feel good about yourself!

In celebration of Women’s History Month, they’ve created a passport that supports products where women are an integral part of the spirit – or cocktail-making process.

For $35, you can get 1 cocktail at 20 different bars and restaurants, from March 8 – May 10. Simply walk into the bar, show your passport, and that free cocktail is yours – just remember to tip your bartender. You’ll have a choice to choose between 1-2 cocktails at each establishment.

Participating bars include:



You can purchase your NYC LOADed Cocktail Passport here, r simply win one here from 89th and Broke by entering the form below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Free Coffee at New Exki

I walked by Exki, a new restaurant on Madison and 28th Street today. There was a sign in the window that said “come on in, take a photo and get a complimentary coffee.”

If my hair wasn’t wet from the gym and I wasn’t in a rush to get to work, I would have totally stopped in. If you want to stop in, they are currently in soft opening phase – today and Friday they will be open from 8am to 2pm.

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