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I'm a young professional living in Astoria (formerly of Williamsburg, the UES and Murray Hill - I move a lot!). I'm always looking for something fun to do or the best place to grab a drink and dinner at an affordable price around the city. Have a suggestion? Email me at Laura AT 89thandbroke DOT com.

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Three Newsletters Worth Checking Out

What newsletters do you subscribe to? Here are some that might be worth checking out:

  • Netted: This is one of my favorites. Every day they send over an app or a website that is worth a try. If you are obsessed with your smartphone, or rely on startups to be productive, this is definitely for you.
  • Well + Good: I subscribe to both the national and New York edition but they hire great fitness classes, work out gear, eating healthy tips and more. Sometimes too they’ll have some partner offers with free classes. If you are getting fit in 2015, try it.
  • The Zoe Report: If you are into fashion, check out The Zoe Report, from stylist Rachel Zoe.  They cover everything from runway fashion and beauty trends to lifestyle ideas, styling tips and trend guides so you can be glamorous, every day.

Get Free Food at Davio’s When It’s Below 32 Degrees

Yes, the title of this post says it all. Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse on Lexington between 44th and 45th is Davio'soffering a deal when it hits below 32 degrees. Here’s how it works. If the thermometer should drop below 32 Degrees Fahrenheit, bundle-up and head straight to the Davio’s Manhattan’s cozy bar area. Simply present your phone to your bartender showing proof of the city’s current climate and you will receive a complimentary order of handmade Davio’s Spring Rolls. Guests can choose from the Philly Cheese Steak Spring Rolls, Spicy Homemade Ketchup, Spicy Mayo, Chicken Parm Spring Rolls, Marinara Sauce, Buffalo Chicken Spring Rolls,Blue Cheese Dressing or Shrimp Cotija Spring Rolls, Citrus Aioli.

The Davio’s “Cold Weather Special” is available during from MondayFriday 11:30am–2:30pm and 5:00pm–11:00pm in the bar area only when the weather reaches below 32 degrees (Fahrenheit).

Customers may redeem only one order of the Davio’s Spring Rolls per day, per person starting January 5th, 2015 until February 28th, 2015. Please call 212-661-4810 for more information.

Village Voice Choice Eats – Pre-Sale Begins Today

One of my favorite food events of the year is the Village Voice Choice Eats.  This event is basically a food festival where village voice choice eatsyou’ll enjoy samples from 50 different restaurants, complimentary craft beer pairings, wine and liquor beverages and a dessert sampling. This year, the event will be hosted on Friday, March 13 from 7-10pm at the Metropolitan Pavilion on 18th St between 6th and 7th.

Tickets range in price – you can purchase a general admission ticket for $65 or if you want to go in an hour early to get dibs on all the best samples (as some places do run out), you can get a ticket for $85. VIP tickets are at $99 – those offer a gift bag and an exclusive sample room. If you want to go to to Choice Eats and my other favorite eating event, Choice Streets (with food trucks!) on May 5, you can buy a combo ticket for $115 for general admission, or $170 for VIP.

Tickets go on sale technically on the 14th, but there is a presale today with the code EATSPR. This code is valid beginning at 10am. Buy your ticket here.

I have been to Choice Eats several times, so click here to check out our survival tips.


#3DaystoGreen With Evolution Fresh

There isn’t a ton of deals going on this week, but let’s keep going with the New Year New You theme. How about #3daystogreen#3DaystoGreen?

So just a bit of a backstory – I’ve always wanted to be one of those people that liked drinking a green juice but was scared to order and didn’t know what I’d like – I didn’t want to toss money down the drain. When I finally got to try a green juice at a fitness event last year, I was so incredibly disappointed – I felt like my salad bathed in dressed was squeezed into a bottle and I was drinking it. I was disgusted and vowed never to drink it again.

And then came Evolution Fresh’s #3DaystoGreen.

Evolution Fresh is a cold-pressed juice company that sells their juices at Starbucks. Research shows that drinking one green juice a day for 3 days allows you to easily incorporate it into your diet. After all, with resolutions hanging over my head, I figured this wouldn’t hurt.

My coworker Sarah suggested we give it a try in the afternoon, right around the time I’d normally be looking for a snack as a pick me up. We headed to Starbucks and I decided to try the Sweet Greens with Lemon, which is made from celery, cucumber, romaine, lime, parsley, lemon, kale, spinach and apple. We split it into two cups as there are two servings in each bottle (50 calories per serving).

I gave it a go – and was not nearly as disgusted as I was the first time I tried it. It was oddly refreshing and before you knew it, I finished my whole 8 oz. While I was hungry for dinner later that evening around 8pm, it kept me from snacking for about 5 hours, so was a delicious and healthier afternoon treat.

I’ll be trying it again today and tomorrow, perhaps trying other green juice flavors to expand my horizons. While the challenge kicked off yesterday, technically it can happen anytime so once your ready give it a go – and register online to win sweet prizes, like a Jawbone Up 24 and a Lululemon gift pack – there are 25 prizes available.

I will warn you – drinks aren’t cheap. They are about $6.45 each but note you do get two servings out of it. The cheapest green juice we have come across is at Bread & Butter ($4.95 for a small) but note it’s made fresh so not as easy to grab on the go.

Disclosure: I work at a PR agency which represents Evolution Fresh but opinions are my own. After all, I used to hate green juice. 

New Year’s Resolutions: Get Fit with My Fitness Pal

The start of January often means more people at the gym as everyone tries to get fit in the New Year. If you are like me My fitness paland trying to lose a few pounds this year, consider trying My Fitness Pal. If you read any article on how to diet, it suggests tracking what you eat.  My Fitness Pal is a free app and works on both iOS and Android or on the web and is essentially a calorie counter.

I’ve tried other trackers before, but what I like about My Fitness Pal is that is has a huge database of food items with the calorie counts and serving size. Plus, you can input recipes into My Fitness Pal and it will help come up with the calorie counts for you.

Not sure how many calories you should strive for a day? Input how much you want to lose and in what time period, and it’ll give you a target. If you exercise, you can add that to My Fitness Pal, and it will adjust your amount of calories for the day.  Plus, if you got a Fitbit or Jawbone for the holidays, it can sync as well to the app.

Beyond calories, you can look at your overall nutrition each day to see if you are on the right track for eating the preferred amount of carbs and fat.

What are you using to help you reach your goals in the New Year?

Poncho Delivers Personalized Weather Forecast via Text

I recently was introduced to Poncho, which offers the weather forecast via text. What I like about it is that it is personalized – you tell Poncho what time you wake up daily so you get the alerts before you head out of your house. You can also indicate if you want hair forecasts (will my hair be static-y?) or subway updates. You’ll get the weather delivered to you via text in the morning, and then you can click on a link to get a more in-depth report on subway delays and things like that.

The Poncho weather text service is free so give it a try here.

poncho weather text

Hot Chocolate Night at La Maison du Chocolat

La Maison du Chocolat will be having it’s second annual ‘Hot Chocolate Night’ tonight, December la maison du chocolat22nd exclusively at their boutique in Rockefeller Center, with complimentary tastings of their legendary hot chocolate and macarons. The store will be open to the public especially past their traditional hours, from 8 pm to midnight, a perfect (and free!) sweets treat for last-minute holiday shopping shoppers, or those who simply want to enjoy Rockefeller Center at night.

Win Two Tickets to The Music of Karl Jenkins at Carnegie Hall

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, Distinguished Concerts Orchestra & Distinguished karl jenkins at carnegie hallConcerts Singers International team up with Welsh composer Karl Jenkins at Carnegie Hall to debut new works on Monday, January 19 at 7pm. The program includes the US premiere of Jenkins’s Healer and his works Llareggub and The Peacemakers, performed by the Distinguished Concerts Orchestra and Distinguished Concerts Singers International.

Tickets for this show range from $20 – $100, with half-price student and senior discount tickets available at the box office. You can call 212.247.7800 to get your tickets or order online, or win a pair here at 89th and Broke!
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Coming Up! Free Cookies from Veniero’s Italian Bakery in the East Village!

Tomorrow, December 18, enjoy free cookies – the size of your hands! – from Veniero’s Italian Bakeryveniero's italian bakery on 11th between 1st and 2nd Ave. The bakery will be handing out 340 cookies to celebrate two milestones: 120 years since the show opened in its current location, and 120 years since the Third Street Music School Settlement opened as well.

The Third Street Music School Settlement will be caroling at 7 locations tomorrow from 4-6pm and the festivities will end at the bakery where you can get your free cookies. More details can be found here. Thanks, Ludmila, for the tip!

The NYC Beer Passport is Back! Win the NYC Winter Good Beer Passport!

One of my favorite things about summer in NYC is the Beer Passport. And this year, the NYC BeerNYC Beer Passport Passport, brought to you by Pintley and Burger Conquest,  is offered in the winter!

What is the beer passport? Well, for $35, you can get a free craft beer (or sometimes flights) at 30 different bars and restaurants from January 1 – March 1. Participating bars are all over the city and in different boroughs. What my friends and I do is tackle a neighborhood each week, using the beer passport at participating bars in the area that night, grabbing dinner at a bar along the way. It’s been a great way to try different craft beers and an excellent excuse to see each other (currently, there’s a group of 8 that religiously participate).

Since craft beers are usually $6-$7 each, just use it 5 times and you make your money back. Although my friend Tim is pretty ambitious and according to one bartender last year, he had the most stamps on his passport that he’s ever seen.

Here’s a map of participating breweries this year.

If you want to purchase one, you can do so here. Just select which bar you’d like to pick your pass up from. Or, you can try your luck and win a free NYC Beer Pass from 89th and Broke! You can try your luck with the form below.

Good luck!
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