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I'm a young professional living in Astoria (formerly of Williamsburg, the UES and Murray Hill - I move a lot!). I'm always looking for something fun to do or the best place to grab a drink and dinner at an affordable price around the city. Have a suggestion? Email me at Laura AT 89thandbroke DOT com.

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Like Cocktails? Check out the NYC Summer Good Cocktail Passport

So I’ve told you guys about two beer deals in the past few weeks – the NYC Good Beer Passport and the Queens Beer Book. If cocktails are more your thing, you must check out the NYC Summer Good Cocktail Passport.

For $37, you’ll be able to check out 21 different restaurants and bars and get a free cocktail at each participating location. To score your free drink, buy a passport, pick up your passport between July 1 and July 31 at a location of your choosing (4 to choose from), and then show your passport between July 1 through September 7 and enjoy your cocktail.

As someone who has purchased the beer passport for several years, it is a great way to try new bars and new drinks. If you only have 4 or 5 cocktails, you’ll definitely make your moneys worth with the cocktail passport. You can buy yours here.

Participating locations include:

KLM Pop Up = Free Waffles, Beer and Coffee

Dutch airline KLM has a pop up shop at Openhouse at 201 Mulberry between Spring and Kenmare. Today and Saturday (and also yesterday but I was late with this news, sorry!), you can swing by to enjoy:


  • Chances to win KLM flights to Amsterdam & more each day
  • Cycle for Flying Blue miles to help you book that next award ticket abroad
  • Taste delicious Dutch waffles, cheeses & coffee
  • Drink Heineken during Happy Hour each evening (5-6pm)
  • Dance to the top Dutch electronic dance music with live DJ sets
  • View KLM’s new World Business Class
  • Experience live art installations, interactive photobooths, kids activites and more!

The experience runs from 11am – 6pm. If you’d like to check it out, just make sure to RSVP here. 



Enjoy 30 Beers at 30 Queens Bars for $30

I know a few of my blogger friends have posted about this deal but wanted to share with you in case you missed it. As you know, I live in Queens, so I was excited when I saw the launch of the Queens Beer Book. For $30, you get 30 beers at 30 bars throughout the borough, in places like Astoria and LIC, Ridgewood, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Glendale and Bayside. You’ll get a book with vouchers for a free beer of choice at more than 30 bars, restaurants and breweries, and best of all, it doesn’t expire until December 15, 2015 so you have plenty of time to redeem.

You can buy yours here.


Delivery.com Launches New Points System, Plus $7 Credit For New Members

I’m normally a Seamless gal, but my fiance, he’s been a delivery.com guy. Which delivery service do you prefer when it comes to ordering online?

While I like the variety of restaurants on Seamless and much more of my favorites are on it,  Delivery.com certainly has its advantages in the rewards department. I had heard all along from my fiance that you get points when you order that can be redeemed from prizes. I got an email from Delivery.com this week that they are making it much easier to redeem rewards.

You’ll earn 25 points for every $1 spent. When you reach 5,000 points (or spend $200), you can redeem your points for $5 off an order. 9800 points gets you a $10 credit, and 18,000 points gets you $20. It’s not huge, but it’s nice to get some type of kick back. You can also redeem your points for items like a wine stopper or make a charity donation.

In addition to restaurants delivering, you can also schedule your laundry on delivery.com, buy alcohol or order groceries. In Astoria though (my neighborhood), it’s mostly restaurants that participate or cleaners.

If you haven’t tried delivery.com, I encourage you to sign up with my referral link – we’ll both get a $7 credit.


It’s Wedding Season: Deal on Men’s Suits

I know I don’t cover fashion often on the blog, but over the weekend my cousin was telling me her boyfriend needed a suit to my upcoming wedding and that they had to go out and buy one – he never owned one before.  Luckily, I had heard of this deal – if you are in the same boat and need a suit this summer, check out Men’s Wearhouse.

Through July 31st, timed to their National Suit Drive, Men’s Wearhouse will be offering a 50% off coupon to every consumer who donates an article of gently-used professional attire (both men’s & women’s) to one of their 900 locations nationwide. And trust me, suits are expensive – they run anywhere from $300 and up, so this deal is a considerable savings.

Ladies, if your boyfriend/husband needs a new suit, or men, you are thinking about rocking something new on the dance floor this summer, then check this deal out!

Win the NYC Good Beer Passport Summer 2015

One of my favorite things about summer in NYC is the Beer Passport. Every summer my friends and I tackle our way through the passport, trying new beers and bars. Best news of all, the NYC Good Beer  Passport Summer 2015 is back!

What is the beer passport? Well, for $37, you can get a free craft beer (or sometimes flights) at 35 different bars and restaurants from July 1 – September 7. Participating bars are all over the city and in different boroughs. What my friends and I have done the last several summers is tackle a neighborhood each week, using the beer passport at participating bars in the area that night, grabbing dinner at a bar along the way. It’s been a great way to try different craft beers and an excellent excuse to see each other.

Since craft beers are usually $6-$7 each, just use it 5 times and you make your money back. Although my friend Tim is pretty ambitious and I think his goal in life my be to complete a full passport.

Tickets are selling out fast so if you want to purchase one, you can do so here. Just select which bar you’d like to pick your pass up from. Or, you can try your luck and win a free NYC Beer Pass from 89th and Broke! You can try your luck with the form below.

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I Tried It: Peapod Delivery – and Win $100 in Groceries

So there hasn’t been a ton of food reviews on the blog lately because we’ve been trying to cook at home. Usually, I go to my grocery store around the corner, but this means I am limited inIMG_5855 how much I can carry home. Sometimes with our fancy car (read: 2001 minivan) I go to Costco, but then I have a super large bottle of ketchup that I never finish using.

When I was invited to try Peapod, I thought why not? I hadn’t done a grocery delivery service before so figured I’d give it a try. Peapod is the first and number one internet grocer, and for the first time, is expanding into the city’s five boroughs. I knew Peapod from growing up in CT and had a few family members who had tried it before.

Peapod was fairly simple to use. I logged on, and could search for items on my list through the site’s search functionality. What I liked though was that I could browse by sale items of the week, and if I really wanted to do some cost savings comparisons, I could sort by unit price to see what truly was a better deal.

I ordered my items and paid the $6.95 delivery fee – but there’s a ton of ways you can save. Currently if you wanted to, you could enroll in an unlimited order free trial and if you order at certain time slots, it’s less expensive. When I made my purchase, I was traveling for work around that time, so spent my money on some staples as well as the deli counter so my fiance could have some lunches, but there was some prepared entrees available that would be easy to heat up. There was also New York’s best, a selection of local and specialty food products – like Balthazar Bakery, Brooklyn Bread, Distinctive Sweets, Grumpy Johns – we tried some cookies and some fresh loaves of bread.  If I also had more time, I would have definitely looked at Gatheredtable. where you can build your weekly meal plan and instantly add all the ingredients to your Peapod shopping cart.

Once my orders arrived, delivery was a breeze. I picked my delivery window, was reminded of my time in case I needed to change it and my delivery man was right on time!  I was glad to see they came in plastic bags and I didn’t have to spend time breaking down boxes. Some of my items weren’t delivered but they came off my bill – if the produce selection isn’t up to par, or if an item isn’t in stock, they will try to replace it with a similar item. In my case, both items weren’t replaced (bananas and some type of chip) which was fine, but I can see how if you are preparing for a recipe, this might be a bit of a challenge.

If you want to give Peapod a try, take note there’s even a bunch of promo codes on Retailmenot. Peapod is rolling out a full refresh on its mobile app for even easier shopping.

And if true 89th and Broke fashion, we’re giving away $100 worth of groceries in the form of a Peapod gift certificate. Note that you must live in a borough to win (sorry Westchester/NJ friends). Good luck!
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Disclosure: I was given a $100 Peapod gift certificate. Opinions are my own. 

Coming Up: Free Yoga in Times Square

It’s the annual Summer Solstice event in Times Square, where you can take free yoga classes on June 21. All you have to do is bring your yoga mat and sign up for a class here! I don’t remember having to RSVP in past years, but I guess you do these days – there are still a few classes that are not sold out, so I’d recommending getting a free ticket today.

Munchery Now Delivers in Brooklyn – Plus $20 Credit

Good news if you live in Brooklyn! Munchery is now delivering to your borough! I wrote about Munchery back in April but if you don’t remember or are new to the blog, Munchery munchery creditoffers chef-made meals that are delivered straight to your door. Each day there is a daily menu, with dishes created from chefs at some very famous restaurants (yes, my sushi last night was from a chef from Blue Ribbon and Nobu). Unlike Seamless, if you are feeling sushi and your boyfriend is feeling BBQ, you can order both meals on one order. Nutrition facts are included, and you can choose in addition to main entrees, sides, salads, desserts and drinks. There are even kids menus too. Menus change daily so you could order Munchery every day for a week and never get bored.

Dishes are fully cooked and chilled for maximum freshness and served in over and microwave-safe containers for easy heating in less than 10 minutes.

I encourage you to give Munchery a try – click here to get a free $20 credit (I get a credit too for the referral, but I’m sure once you get started, you’ll be sharing your personal referral link with all your friends).

Reminder: Get Free and Cheap eBooks Thanks to BookBub

I shared this post awhile back, but this is a great reminder, especially if you are traveling this summer. If you have a Kindle, Nook, or the Kindle app on your smartphone, I recommend signing up for BookBub. BookBub is a free daily newsletter that alerts you to discounted or free eBooks. All you have to do is sign up for the newsletter, indicate what type of e-reader you have and what kind of books you are interested in. You’ll then get tailored recommendations that link directly to Barnes & Noble or Kindle so you can purchase and download your books.

Sign up for BookBub here!


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