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I'm a young professional living in Astoria (formerly of Williamsburg, the UES and Murray Hill - I move a lot!). I'm always looking for something fun to do or the best place to grab a drink and dinner at an affordable price around the city. Have a suggestion? Email me at Laura AT 89thandbroke DOT com.

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My First Trip to Curry Hill

Courtesy of Yelp – the Interior

Last night a friend and I decided to grab dinner in Murray Hill, and figured the perfect place to go was somewhere in Curry Hill. We ended up at Chote Nawab on Lexington between 27th and 28th Street.

What I liked about Chote Nawab was the modern […]

Groupon Deal Leads Us to Psari Seafood

My friend Tom and I love lobster. So much so that we’ve tried several lobster rolls around this fine city. When I saw a Groupon for $39 to Psari in Astoria that included two lobster deals, with two sides, two soups/salads and two drinks, I instant messaged Tom and let him know that our […]

Hummus and More at Nanoosh

As a contributor to hyperlocal news site Nearsay, I’m invited to check out different events that are part of the site’s concierge program where they reward contributors.  When I saw an opportunity to dine at Nanoosh, a Mediterranean establishment in the East Village, I decided to take advantage of this offer.

I headed over […]

Cajun Style Pizza? Works For Me!

I’ve heard a ton about Two Boots pizza over the past few years (and we’ve even shared some Deal Alerts), but for some unknown reason I had never been there before. That changed a few weeks ago when my boyfriend discovered there was one a few blocks from me and insisted that we go.


Cooper 35 Has Everything I Need

By Meg Parisi Frugal Correspondent

Recently moving to the city has made me somewhat frugal, but I’m ok with the title. I’ve found better ways to save my money rather than splurging on $15 lychee martinis and just mediocre bar food. Now, when my friends and I are looking for a spot where drinks […]

5 Fro-Yo Flavors + 15 Toppings = 16 Handles

A couple weeks back, I made the trip to 16 Handles with my old roommate Crystal.  If you aren’t familiar, 16 Handles is in the East Village on 2nd Ave between 9th and 10th.  Unlike other fro-yo shops, 16 Handles gives you full control of making your sundae, and charges you by the weight, […]

The Chinese Combination Dinner: An Endangered Species

The Chinese combination dinner is a rare find here in the city.  While these types of takeout dinners – entree, egg roll and rice – run rampant in the ‘burbs, sometimes I feel like its an endangered species.  That’s why when my roommate Al and I pass a restaurant with this special offering, that […]

Please Turn Down the Noise Level at Pulino’s

My old roommate Crystal and I hadn’t see each other since March, so last night we decided to catch up at Pulino’s.  If you decide to head to Pulino’s, reservations are recommended.  We tried to make a reservation the day of for 8pm, and were left with the options of 7 or 9 for […]

Classing It Up At A French Restaurant

About two weeks ago, Caryn (thoughts in italics) and I were invited to try Le Perigord, a French restaurant in Midtown.  While Le Perigord was a classy French establishment, I went in with the mindset that this is a place I’d take my parents (or have them take me) or go on an anniversary […]

Keep the Entrees Coming at Esperanto

Earlier this month, Caryn and I were invited out to try a restaurant in the East Village, Esperanto, over on Avenue C and we brought our friend Tim along.  Esperanto serves Latin American type food and has a casual and comfortable vibe.  To kick off dinner, we started with some cocktails.  I went with […]

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